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Performance was always a vital issue while developing websites. Nobody likes a slow website, it sucks, period. I’ve spent numerous hours to optimize clients websites using different techniques, plugins (mostly for WordPress websites) but it had it’s own limitations. Satisfying Google’s PageSpeed Insight was not easy no matter how you try to make it throw green at you.

Everybody loves a better performing website that loads amazingly fast, really easy to navigate and the end users get a peace of mind. Great for SEO ranking and helps in boosting revenue and sales! I created this website using React and Gatsby for the front-end and used WordPress as the backend, which resulted in a blazingly fast website. All the data i.e. posts, portfolios, pages, services, testimonials, menus, Yoast SEO metadata etc. are coming from WordPress.

I love wordpress and it’s the most popular and recommended CMS out there. It’s easy to use, has a very little learning curve for the end-user (i.e. how to create a post or page) and also has user authentication, registration and security out of the box which helps to save tons of time. Moreover, it’s open source and has a very large community and support plus a very large theme and plugins base.

I’ll be using Gatsby and WordPress for future projects and I believe the clients will be amazed to see how blazingly fast their websites are which in return will give them a significant boost in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Also decoupling the front-end from wordpress back-end gives the freedom of designing the front-end independently with so many options to choose from.

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