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Web and Software Developer
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Things I do


I develop websites and apps for both web and mobile and help small and mid-sized companies with their success.

Headless and APIs

I do API integration and decoupling of the Front-end for better performance and complete control.


I work with WordPress, React, React Native, Gatsby, SASS, Bootstrap besides PHP, Vanilla JS, HTML5 and CSS3.


Developed plugins for Divi theme using PHP and React and those are available in Elegant MarketPlace.


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Headless WordPress with Gatsby

You might be wondering, what is headless or why the heck WordPress would be headless? Well, headless means without the built-in front-end feature (themes) or decoupled front-end of any website. In recent times, static site generators have gained a real momentum and consideration. It is because of some of the benefits those offer. The first […]

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