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A Passionate Freelance Web Developer
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Things I do

Web Development
Web Development

Provide web development services to personal, small and mid-sized companies to increase their web presence and revenue

Headless WordPress
Headless WordPress

Completely decouple your frontend from wordpress backend and load your site blazingly fast, just like this one 😉

React and Gatsby
React and Gatsby

Other headless CMS based websites using modern web technologies like react, gatsby, contentful and netlify. Sky is the limit

Divi Plugins
Divi Plugins

Developing plugins for the most popular Divi theme by Elegantthemes for wordpress is something that I really enjoy


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Headless WordPress with Gatsby
Headless WordPress with Gatsby

You might be wondering, what is headless or why the heck WordPress would be headless? Well, headless means without the built-in front-end feature (themes) or decoupled front-end of any website. In recent times, static site generators have gained a real momentum and consideration. It is because of some of the benefits those offer. The first […]

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