Leen is a Mobile App, a product of Virtue5 that enables the user to get medical advice without even visiting the Doctor physically. During this COVID-19 pandemic this app is really the only missing tech from staying safe and healthy. To simplify the usage of Leen and make it easy for end user, it’s split into two separate Apps. One for the Doctors and another for the Patients.

Leen Health
Leen Health enables the patient to have an online session either in video or audio call, explain the problem and get healthy. Leen also lets the patient to upload reports and diagnosis data during a session. Patients can add other family members and get consultation for all of them from the doctor of their choice.

Leen Doctor
Leen Doctor enables the doctor to write Prescriptions on the fly during or even after a call session and add Diagnosis as well. Doctors can set their fees and really setup a virtual chamber in no time while getting paid of their service.

I created the Leen Website using WordPress and entire App User Interface of both Leen Doctor and Patient App using React Native and Typescript. I’ve also added translation features for both of the Apps.

Leen is primarily focusing on Bangladesh to help it’s citizens, however; they have plans for releasing it for the rest of the world with localization support.

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